Jenni Avins

Toronto’s Drake Hotel, Mr and Mrs

Cheerful pop tunes pipe through the Drake Café in Toronto, where Mr Smith and I have come for breakfast while the hotel it’s attached to readies our room. Underneath a chandelier of recycled rainbow-coloured bicycle frames I navigate a pile of pamphlets while Mr Smith peruses the menu. ‘We’re in a brochure?’ asks a spiky-haired girl at the table next to us. She has multiple piercings...
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An Afternoon with Magic: Bahamian Conch Diving for Dossier Journal

As Dossier Style adds Food to our coverage, we introduce a ray of Bahamian sunshine. Although 2009 has an optimistic shine, the first month of the year often leaves me a bit cold. On New York winter mornings, I repeatedly dream of diving through soft saltwater, bathed in reflections of sunlight. Click here to link to the audio slideshow on...
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Life Fuel: Galuska, Mirth Magazine

I had never heard of Galuska, soft free-form handmade noodles, until I developed a kinship with a dynamic brother-sister duo whose mom passed down this recipe. I think the women in their family sort of invented it, or at least resurrected it. I recently made it for a friend who said the dish reminded him of a meal that his Hungarian nanny cooked for him when he was young. He had been hankering...
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